What We Do

Our Innovative solutions give our clients a competitive edge making them more focused, responsive and resilient at clear target cost. We provide a broad portfolio of services thereby enabling our clients to turn to us for all their consulting and IT requirements. Teksmart Inc provides complete suite of Software Development and implementation services to our clients. From financial to human resources and from sales and distribution to Business Warehouse Our IT practice can optimize information throughout your organization's entire supply chain. Our consultants always get good recommendations from clients.

There are so many times when the clients do have a requirement but are not very sure about the exact area of requirement and thus end up having a consultant with the wrong skill set, incurring thousands of dollars for no cause. Our experts will translate your simple description of the requirement into the actual technical requirement without any cost. Based on the interpretation given by our experts, we will have the right consultant ready to go and take care of your problem.

We make our entire IT team available to make sure that your system is fully operational to meet your needs at all times

  • Teksmart Inc consultants average 8 years of hands on experience in their relative fields.
  • The vast majority of the consultants have experienced more than three SDLC implementations.
  • Consultant turnover is substantially lower than the industry average.
  • Integration of foreign systems in the new application system landscape.
  • All consultants are  Teksmart Inc employees.