Who we are

We provide consulting and IT services to clients in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific with a focus on high quality and cost effective solutions that enhances better decision making. We partner with our clients from concept to implementation enabling their transition to a process and technology driven enterprise. Our work is based around a combination of IT best practice and our own set of Industry methodologies that we have used successfully for years – fine-tuning them as we work. You will not get a one-size fits all landscape or advice on things that we do not understand. You will get dedicated and exceptional consultants who immediately fit in and become part of your team. Can you imagine working with a team that feels as if they are part of your own work force? Most customers resign themselves to something less – Teksmart Inc , total integration is the standard.

We advise clients on Design, Implementation and Management of Software Applications through:

  • Planning and conception of hardware and network architecture, system software and database technology.
  • Expansion of the standard functions through Add-Ons and customer specific additional programming.
  • Data migration from old systems to new.
  • Integration of foreign systems in the new application system landscape.
  • Planning and realization of Application release changes.