Application Development

We have been working with Advanced Application Development tools. At Teksmart Inc , we have the ability to develop applications that are simple to complex in nature to address a specific business process or multiple processes. We will leverage our expertise to explore all the available technical options and present the best possible solution. We have the ability to develop and deploy these applications utilizing internet technologies for enterprise wide accessibility and ease of maintenance or utilizing front end based client/server technologies for internal departmental needs.

Adopting an offshore outsourcing model should be about more than seeking cost reductions, it should establish a framework to drive continuous improvement. Teksmart Inc enables your business to leverage the combined benefits of IT Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) by adopting a unified view of your processes and applications.Our Application Development and Maintenance methodology helps in a successful on-time and above expected delivery. Stringent quality procedures clubbed with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills help clients get maximum return on their IT spending.

We work with you to:


  • Outline the solution
  • Define the solution architecture
  • Develop prototypes for demos to users
  • Design the framework of the solution


  • Build the solution
  • Validate the solution against requirements
  • Continuous support for the solution
  • Rolling out the solution across your organization