Knowledge Transfer

We offer intensive training that will teach your staff to effectively manage your entire Application Software system. It’s what we call knowledge transfer: combining the knowledge of our specialists, and transferring it to your own internal IT management team. These training sessions are taught on-site. Knowledge transfer is a by-product of all of Teksmart Inc ’s services and happens on an informal basis throughout pre-project and project phases. We also develop and deliver structured workshops and training courses to meet specific needs – whether user-oriented or more focused on the development of technical skills.

Since every IT Application is different, where possible, we tailor our courses to your own IT environment, making use of your test system or incorporating your data into our training course – to maximize education effectiveness. Training is delivered either at our dedicated facility or at your site. Teksmart Inc  provides pre-designed training material that helps the End User community to adopt the Application system. End user training is critical to ensure that Application functionalities are effectively utilized and that the user accepts the new application group as a user-friendly and productive system. The logistics for providing end user training to potentially large numbers of staff are typically challenging. Working closely with Teksmart Inc 's IT specialists, your technical staff continually gains knowledge and expertise. This enhances their ability to take ownership of problems and communicate the solutions effectively to your end users.