Software is constantly being updated with improved functionality, bug fixes and changes due to legislative demands. It is important to keep your system as up-to-date as your change management model allows and in the most part this updating is carried out by the application of Application notes and support packages or stacks. it’s even more important to know which upgrade is right for your business. Our specialists average nearly a decade of experience upgrading complex software systems and we’re always up-to-date on the newest software releases. There comes a time, though, when the system which you are running needs to be moved to a more current release in order to either simplify it’s on-going support. Teksmart Inc informs you of upgrades relevant to your Software and identifies potential benefits to your organization. We explain what’s involved in making the change and what you can expect from the end result.

Despite all the benefits, an upgrade project can be intimidating due to limited in-house knowledge, lack of insight to estimate time and resource requirements and the resource intensive nature of upgrades. An upgrade project can meet all those expectations when it is done correctly. Done poorly, with missed steps and ill planning, it can be unnecessarily costly and far away from expected returns. Software solutions never stand still. Constant, significant investment means that new technologies are continually being incorporated into the product portfolio. A key part of Teksmart Inc 's role involves staying abreast of these developments and ensuring that Application users benefit from them.

  • Proven methodology for rapid and cost effective upgrade / enhancement
  • Create a clear and detailed blueprint of the complete upgrade activity
  • Fast and high quality execution
  • Rigorous testing to ensure that the upgrade preserves all functionality
  • Standardized Metrics to measure the value add from the upgrade